Violence is ok if you’re doing it for peace

The Peace Action groups do not live up to their name.

The Peace Action groups do not live up to their name. Their recent protest against the Defence, Industry and National Security Forum outside Westpac stadium in Wellington did not match the cause. There was quite a bit of violence from the advocates of non-violence.

They blockaded every entry and exit, but they weren’t silent – they were mean. They tried to shame people and they called the police pigs. Peaceful protest should not cause harm to people trying to go to work. In 2016 I was disappointed to see a man knock the hat off a policewoman, someone doing her job. This year looked way worse and way more sanctimonious.

The protest looked designed to provoke the police and public to violence. The protestors were waiting for any pretext to claim brutality, personal abuse, even sexual assault. They were abusing the police and the public, not the other way round.

Footage of a security guard trying to get into Westpac Stadium.

Peace Action will have a self-serving rationale for all of this – that everything they do is ok because it’s for the cause.






One thought on “Violence is ok if you’re doing it for peace”

  1. These left-wing groups are a bunch of rabble in my opinion, I agree that the military-industrial complex is evil but I disagree with the way that these people protest. The comment made about “not assaulting women” will deter men like me from taking part in such a protest, especially if it is found to be true, that a man in Peace Action knocked the hat off a Police woman. The left versus right politics exist to prevent progress. I’m going to create my own anti-imperialist organisation in 2018. I’m just getting started now by making flyers, then I’ll be making videos and sharing them on my website and via flash drive. Here is my recruitment flyer


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